High Five – Five insights shed light on how fuel retailers can further delight customers in 2019

Written by: Jeff Lenard, NACS Magazine
Source: NACS Magazine

There may come a day when the process of filling up at the pump is significantly disrupted, but that day is not today—or any time soon. Yes, electric vehicle sales are growing, and innovators are bringing new ideas to market that could change how consumers buy fuel. But gas margins in 2018 were up. Fuel demand was stable at 9.3 million barrels per day, and gas prices have averaged under $3 per gallon for more than 50 straight months (October 2014-January 2019) and are about 30 cents lower than a year ago.

Consumers like what they see at convenience stores, which goes well beyond the products sold. They appreciate how our businesses operate and reinvent the idea of convenience, as well as share how our stores are a part of the community. Most of all, consumers are suggesting that retailers “get them.”

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