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Spring is finally here and hopefully the snow has completely melted away in your area. With the new season comes a new opportunity to learn about some industry trends and some new ways to stay relevant in your c-store as you take advantage of the warmer weather. In this edition, learn about five ways fuel retailers can further delight customers in 2019 and how robots and service bots promise to be the next ‘industrial revolution’ for the convenience store industry.

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High Five – Five insights shed light on how fuel retailers can further delight customers in 2019

Written by: Jeff Lenard, NACS Magazine
Source: NACS Magazine

There may come a day when the process of filling up at the pump is significantly disrupted, but that day is not today—or any time soon. Yes, electric vehicle sales are growing, and innovators are bringing new ideas to market that could change how consumers buy fuel. But gas margins in 2018 were up. Fuel demand was stable at 9.3 million barrels per day, and gas prices have averaged under $3 per gallon for more than 50 straight months (October 2014-January 2019) and are about 30 cents lower than a year ago.

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From A to Gen Z

What Convenience Retailers Need to Know About the Next Generation of Shoppers

Source: Coca-Cola North America

The Gen Z population is growing up and entering the shopping domain. Retailers need to think differently about how they attract and engage this unique shopper group.

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Welcome to our Retail Solutions — Retail Insights eNewsletter

Summer has been a busy time of year for many retailers and we know you have had many successes along the way. With the fall season now in full swing, we have great and exciting things to look forward to, like the beginning of the holiday season!

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5 Ways to Take Customer Service Up a Notch

By Stephanie Overman, NACS Magazine
Re-printed with permission from NACS and the NACS Magazine.

It’s no surprise that great customer service increases customer satisfaction and ups your company’s value. The reverse is true for poor customer service: If your customer service satisfaction—as determined by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)—declines, so does your company’s value.

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Welcome to our Retail Solutions — Retail Insights eNewsletter

Summer is here and we are off to a great start! Summer is a busy and exciting time to attract new customers to your c-store. In this issue, learn the latest on wireless temperature logging devices and how cash machines are still relevant for your business. Also, check out the c-store spotlight on Travel Plaza in Warroad, MN and learn about how the growth of the store allowed for new and expanded offerings for residents and visitors.

CENEXPO 2018 was held on June 18-19 in Sioux Falls and was a great success. Read all about it here and stay tuned for details on CENEXPO 2019!

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