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Summer has been a busy time of year for many retailers and we know you have had many successes along the way. With the fall season now in full swing, we have great and exciting things to look forward to, like the beginning of the holiday season!

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5 Ways to Take Customer Service Up a Notch

By Stephanie Overman, NACS Magazine
Re-printed with permission from NACS and the NACS Magazine.

It’s no surprise that great customer service increases customer satisfaction and ups your company’s value. The reverse is true for poor customer service: If your customer service satisfaction—as determined by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)—declines, so does your company’s value.

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What Workers Want

To win today’s war for workers, look at changing your workplace culture.

By John W. Martin & Matt Thornhill, NACS Magazine
Re-printed with permission from NACS and the NACS Magazine.

A top problem facing retailers of all types these days is finding workers. For some, the solution is to stop fighting for workers altogether and instead invest in changes to their stores to simply eliminate positions.

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CENEXPO 2018 is behind us but the impact for those who attended continues. This premier learning two-day event provides an opportunity for all Cenex® operators to meet and interact with industry suppliers and learn about new products that help them grow their business operation and build leadership skills.

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(52 million people) of US customers now shop online for groceries – using delivery or click and collect-up from 6% in early 2017.

$29 B

The US salty snacks market is predicted to exceed $29 billion in 2022.


of retailers have been affected by consumer demand for fresh foods and beverages. 2 out of 3 indicated they are stocking more fresh products and half of North Americans prefer foods without added colors, flavoring or preservatives.

Sources: Source Group, June 2018; Packaged Facts, “Salty Snacks: U.S. Market Trends and Opportunities”; “Why is HPP Essential to Retailers,” a 2017 Survey by Universal Pure.