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Summer is here and we are off to a great start! Summer is a busy and exciting time to attract new customers to your c-store. In this issue, learn the latest on wireless temperature logging devices and how cash machines are still relevant for your business. Also, check out the c-store spotlight on Travel Plaza in Warroad, MN and learn about how the growth of the store allowed for new and expanded offerings for residents and visitors.

CENEXPO 2018 was held on June 18-19 in Sioux Falls and was a great success. Read all about it here and stay tuned for details on CENEXPO 2019!

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The latest on wireless temperature logging devices

By: Tom Jensen, Triple C Technologies

One of the most interesting and applicable new technologies for the convenience store is Comark’s line of wireless temperature logging devices. The Diligence RF300 Data logger gives you the ability to wirelessly record the temperature of all your walk-ins, as well as any other refrigeration in your store.

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C-Store Spotlight – Travel Plaza in Warroad, MN

Warroad is located just miles from the Minnesota/Canadian border on “MOMs Way,” (short for “Manitoba-Ontario-Minnesota”) a multi-highway route that is the only way to travel between the Canadian provinces. With a population of less than 2,000, the location has a healthy mix of local regulars as well as travelers and tourists.

At the Cenex® Travel Center, sales had been steadily growing since 2015 to the point where people were waiting for gas pumps. General manager Rick Swank knew the store not only needed more pumps, but it was due for several upgrades as well. “Some of our equipment was nearing the end of its life,” he said. With the uptick in sales, Swank was able to put in new pumps and tanks. But through that project, he discovered that part of the store’s canopy and some tanks were off the location’s property. This prompted them to move an adjacent Napa Auto Parts store across the street, which grew the footprint for pumps and tanks. “Having to relocate the Napa store turned out to be a great move because then we could not only add pumps, but we were able to add about 2,500 square feet onto our c-store,” says Swank.

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ATMs: Still Money Machines

A CSD Staff Report

Re-printed with permission from Convenience Store Decisions magazine.

In a credit/debit card-crazed society, cash remains king in convenience stores.

Make no mistake: While plastic is important, cash is, was, and always will be a key component in the profitability of convenience stores.

That means ATMs, which allow shoppers instant access to cash, will remain an integral component in any convenience retailer’s business plan. “ATMs are an important element in any convenience store’s business,” said David Tente, executive director for ATMIA, the ATM Industry Association. “Studies show that cash spending goes up considerably when there’s an ATM, and that often goes straight to the bottom line for c-store owners.” Bruce Wayne Renard, executive director at the National ATM Council Inc., agreed.

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Thank You for Attending CENEXPO

More than 150 Cenex® retailers attended CENEXPO, a premiere learning event aimed at helping c-store managers and owners grow their business and develop their leadership skills.

The two-day event, held June 18-19, 2018 in Sioux Falls, S.D., featured breakout sessions, networking opportunities and a keynote from former Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens player Matt Birk.

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Source: “Why is HPP Essential to Retailers,” a 2017 Survey by Universal Pure