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Spring is finally here and it is the perfect time to learn about new industry trends and what you can do to stay relevant in your c-store as the warmer months near. Learn about increasing retail sales, attract more millennials to shop at your store and some safety and security mistakes to avoid.

We are excited about CENEXPO 2018 (previously Cenex Buyers Fair) where you can gain powerful industry insights through our educational sessions. CENEXPO is scheduled for June 18-19, 2018 in Sioux Falls, SD. Make sure to save the date to attend! Look for a formal invitation with registration details in your mailbox in the next few weeks. It will be an event that will greatly impact your operation. Don’t miss it!

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10 Simple Ways to Increase Retail Sales — What to Do When Sales Slump or it’s Simply a Slow Day

By: Matthew Hudson, The Balance

If you are a retailer, it’s inevitable — sales will slump. Whether it’s due to forces beyond your control like the city tearing up the street in from of your store or seasonal sales dip or a decline in foot traffic, all retailers will experience a slump in sales at some point. Here are 10 simple ways you and your staff can improve your retail sales slump or if you’re just having a slow day.  Continue reading

10 Convenience Store Security Mistakes To Avoid

Published first in Total Security Solutions – August 2017

YouTube is full of videos of convenience store and gas station robberies. For some, it’s fascinating to watch criminals carry out violent and non-violent activity. But if you own, operate or work in such a business, it’s terrifying and hits a little too close to home.

As a business owner of a 24 hour convenience store or gas station, your first priority is the safety of your employees and customers. The good news is that you can minimize danger, loss of life, and loss of property by being prepared. Consider creating a comprehensive security plan for your employees to follow. But first, take a look at our list of most commonly-made security mistakes below. Continue reading

In Sea of Growing C-store Chains, Single-Store Operators Must Stay Relevant

By: Melissa Kress, Convenience Store News

The 2018 Convenience Store News Top 20 Growth Chains added a combined 2,573 net new stores to their portfolios in the past year, equating to an 11.5-percent increase. With so much growth happening in the convenience channel, one has to wonder: Is there still room for single-store operators and small mom-and-pop chains in the industry’s future?

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of Americans agree that convenience stores share their values and do business the right way.


of spending consumer-packaged goods (CPG) will come from millennials by 2020. Their spending power reached $3.5 trillion in 2017.

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Americans make up Generation Z (born 1995-2009). 94% say pay is the #1 factor when looking or applying for jobs and 82% want quick in-person feedback on the job.

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