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Spring is here and what better time to try something new for your business. Learn about how to recruit and retain the right people for your foodservice program or how to compete against the larger convenience store chains through the use of the Playbook for Success. You can even learn from what other Cenex stores are doing to keep relevant in their market.  Continue reading

Cenex Buyers Fair 2017

2017 Buyers Fair Update: Introducing this year’s Keynote Speaker – Ken Schmidt

2017 Cenex Buyers Fair LogoWe are very excited to announce our keynote speaker for the upcoming 2017 Cenex Buyers Fair; Ken Schmidt, Premium-Fueled Speaker, Brand Visionary and Communication Strategist.

One of the most in-demand speakers and communications consultants in America, Ken Schmidt has lived a rich and extraordinary life. Hear Schmidt talk about his experience and how his influence and innovation helped create leader brands in many industries. Continue reading

As a small operator, how do I compete against the larger convenience store chain down the street?

Source: NACS Online

Visionary professionals from leading companies around the globe participate as NACS|Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council members to identify important issues and opportunities in the convenience retail business, conduct relevant research and encourage broad public dissemination of findings.

There are a number of free reports from the NCCRRC that support independent operators in their quest to remain competitive with companies in and outside our channel.

Read the complete article and download the free Playbook for Success – A three step guide for growing the c-store business.

Cottonwood C-Store

The CHS Retail Solutions Specialists have many years of industry experience working with retailers who face similar challenges and opportunities. This team provides creative ideas and the most up-to-date information to help retailers run a more profitable operation. Cottonwood Co-op Oil Company has had the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and reliability of this Retail Solutions program. The most recent experience was with the construction and grand opening of their Cottonwood, Minn., convenience store. Continue reading


The U.S. convenience store count increased to a record 154,535 stores as of December 31, 2016.

$41 billion

Foodservice is approximately a $41 billion industry contributing 19.4% of in-store sales for convenience stores in 2014.


of convenience stores sell beer, accounting for more than 30% of all beer purchased in the United States. Did you know that convenience stores check three times the amount of ID’s than the TSA every day?

Sources: NACS Magazine March 2017 Edition, NACS State of the Industry Report of 2014 Data and nacsonline.com